The Castro Valley Arts Foundation wishes to thank our sponsors for their loyal support.


Bob Engel, owner of PIANOSplus, is doing his part to keep music in the Castro Valley schools. He has made a substantial gift to the Castro Valley Arts Foundation and the CVUSD every year since it opened in 2006. His donations of pianos, services and cash equal well over $100,000.

He recently presented the Castro Valley Arts Foundation with a Yamaha P-22 for the Green Room in the Castro Valley Center for the Arts. This is the second piano that Engel has given to the CVAF. In 2006, Engel and the Music Teachers Association of Southern Alameda County gave the concert grand piano used on stage at the CFA which is valued at $65,000. And the gifts don’t stop there. Each year he works with the Yamaha Corporation of America to get a grand piano for the Exhibition Room, a P-22 for the Choral Room at Creekside Middle School and, new this year, a P-22 for the Practice room at CVHS. These 3 pianos are on loan to the CVUSD for the year, and exchanged for new pianos at the start of each school year.

When asked about his philosophy of giving, Engel credits his parents as role models. He remembers their story of the farmer who would regularly cut off the corners of his crops to share with the poor. “In the Jewish faith, philanthropy is an obligation, part of being an upstanding member of one’s community,” stated Engel matter-of-factly.

Grateful for his recent gift, CVUSD Superintendent, Jim Negri praised Engel: “Bob’s donation of a piano is representative of the generous community in which we live and work. In these difficult budgetary times, I truly appreciate Bob’s ongoing efforts to support music in our schools. Bob has gone above and beyond for our students and the community.”More Info

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